What is the monetary goal of the campaign and how was it selected?
The monetary goal of the campaign is $30 million, based on a feasibility study conducted by The Munshine Group, with input by the Newark Academy Board of Trustees.
When did the campaign start and when will it end?
Ad Lumen: The Campaign for Newark Academy officially began on July 1, 2023, as approved by the Board of Trustees. The initial plan is for the campaign to span five (5) years.
What is the “quiet phase” of a campaign? Are we raising campaign gifts during the 250th year of celebration?
The “quiet phase” of a campaign is the period before a public announcement of a campaign when leadership gifts are cultivated and closed. Ideally, 50-60% of the campaign goal is raised during the quiet period. As such, Newark Academy will be working “quietly” to raise campaign gifts during the 250th year of celebration.
What are the funding pillars of the campaign and their respective goals? Why were these pillars chosen? How will gifts to these priorities impact Newark Academy?
Pillar breakdowns for the $17.5 million are:
  • Faculty & Staff Excellence ($9 million for endowment)
  • Financial Aid & Scholarships ($7.5 million for endowment)
  • Sustainable, Student-Centered Spaces ($1 million for capital)
  • Greatest Needs (no specific goal – unrestricted)

These pillars align with donor interests expressed through the feasibility study conducted by the Munshine Group. These funding pillars address the current and future needs of the school, as delineated by the Board of Trustees and Don Austin’s administration. Gifts to these priorities will impact Newark Academy as follows:

We will recruit, retain, support, and professionally develop the most talented faculty, staff, and administrators by examining and considering our benefits package and professional development offerings. An objective of Ad Lumen: The Campaign for Newark Academy is to make Newark Academy an even more attractive school community for long-term career development by committing to moving faculty and staff salaries to the top 25% of independent schools.

Ad Lumen: The Campaign for Newark Academy will increase our endowment to permit us to attract and retain the most talented students in our area, regardless of financial limitations.

Additional funds will create a more socio-economically diverse community at Newark Academy, which in turn, will benefit the entire community. These funds will assist all families with the rising costs of educating any student who demonstrates need and will also seek to provide scholarships for students from the City of Newark to sustain our Newark Scholars program. The capital portion will enhance and modernize specific spaces on campus in a sustainable fashion. The projects and the order of future undertakings will be determined through our master planning process.

Are we raising current use or endowed funds? Or both?
Ad Lumen: The Campaign for Newark Academy is a comprehensive campaign which means that we will raise funds for current use through the Newark Academy Annual Fund and for longer-term financial aid and capital projects which will build our endowment.
How does the Newark Academy Annual Fund fit into the campaign?
Ad Lumen: The Campaign for Newark Academy is a comprehensive campaign, meaning the Newark Academy Annual Fund proceeds will be counted toward the campaign goal. It is expected that the Annual Fund will contribute $7.5 million ($1.5 million each year) to the campaign total over five years. A gift to the Newark Academy Annual Fund is a gift to the Ad Lumen campaign.
What are “planned gifts” and what role do they play in the campaign?
Planned gifts are donations included in a person’s will or estate plan to be granted to Newark Academy in the future upon the donor’s passing. All documented planned gifts pledged during the campaign will be counted toward the campaign total. Ad Lumen: The Campaign for Newark Academy will raise $5 million in planned gifts.
What is the role of the Board of Trustees in the campaign?
Newark Academy’s Board of Trustees approved of the architecture of the campaign and will be monitoring the campaign’s progress. Some trustees will be more involved than others, including those who are comfortable cultivating and soliciting donors. Ultimately, trustees are the leaders in our school community and all trustees will be among the first to be invited to make an annual fund gift, a campaign gift, and a planned gift to support Ad Lumen: The Campaign for Newark Academy.
Is there a campaign committee, campaign co-chairs or an honorary committee?
There is an executive campaign committee currently including Sam Croll, Larry Cetrulo, Rebecca Freed, Don Austin, and Rose McSween. This committee will evolve and grow as the campaign progresses. The Campaign Chair is Lawrence Cetrulo ’67 with a Co-Chair to be determined in the coming months. There will be an honorary committee comprised of a variety of constituents including notable benefactors.
How can a member of the faculty/staff, student, alumnus or a parent participate in this campaign?
There are a multitude of ways that members of the Newark Academy community can participate in the campaign. One important role is to serve as an ambassador – Reunion Ambassador, Parent Ambassador, or Celebration Ambassador – to help us to reconnect with our alumni and other members of our community. Interested in getting involved? We welcome your involvement. Please reach out to Rose McSween at rmcsween@newarka.edu or 973-992-7000 x303.
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