Campaign Priorities


In response to the challenges ahead of us, we have embarked on Ad Lumen: The Campaign for Newark Academy. With your generous support, this $30 million campaign will strengthen the three pillars of a Newark Academy education.

Attract & Retain Excellent Faculty & Staff

The Core of Newark Academy

Newark Academy’s greatest asset lies in the unparalleled dedication and expertise of its faculty and staff. These relationship-centered, skills-focused, and culturally competent educators are the cornerstone of the institution, shaping a unique and enriching educational experience that sets Newark Academy apart from its peers.

This campaign is dedicated to enhancing compensation and benefits for Newark Academy’s educators and staff at all stages of their careers. By providing best-in-class benefits, Newark Academy aims to attract and retain top-tier faculty and staff for long and fulfilling careers.

Newark Academy offers a best-in-class employee benefit package. With your support, the school is committed to optimizing its programs and benefits to continue to stay at the forefront of employee benefit packages.

  • Increase the Joan & Blackie Parlin Endowed Fund for Professional Development Grants
  • Expand the Innovation for Teaching & Learning Grants
  • Increase tuition reimbursement for relevant bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees
  • Increase grants for housing closing costs and rentals
  • Create additional relocation stipends
  • Provide access to electric vehicle charging stations
  • Increase retirement benefits based on longevity of service
  • Offer sabbaticals after 25 years of service to Newark Academy
  • Add post-retirement wraparound medical benefits after 25 years of service
  • Create and offer personal finance and retirement planning workshops
  • Provide the opportunity to attend educational group trips for faculty and staff

“I’m proud to have worked at Newark Academy for more than 15 years. As a faculty member and administrator, I’ve appreciated the many benefits the institution provides to its employees — from competitive salaries, to graduate school tuition assistance, professional development at all stages of one’s career, and best-in-class health care. The Ad Lumen Campaign’s support of these benefits demonstrates the Academy’s enduring commitment to its faculty and staff.”

– Jeff Vinikoor, Director of Studies

A Talented, Diverse Student Body

Expanding Educational Access

Admission to Newark Academy remains highly competitive. Year over year there are more admissible candidates than spots available, as well as more students seeking financial aid than can be provided. Given Newark Academy’s long-standing commitment to diversity, including supporting families from a range of socioeconomic backgrounds, this campaign seeks to bolster its financial aid funding to ensure that an NA education remains accessible and affordable.

These gifts will establish perpetual scholarships at Newark Academy, providing an enduring source of financial support for numerous students and a lasting legacy of educational opportunities.

  • $1 million and above: Provides a full-tuition scholarship ($50,850)
  • $500,000: Provides a partial scholarship ($25,000)
  • $250,000: Provides a partial scholarship ($12,500)

Donors at these specified levels will receive yearly reports, detailing the current balance of their scholarship and progress reports on their sponsored students at Newark Academy. Additionally, donors will be invited to attend events with the Head of School.

This scholarship covers the full cost of tuition and other school-related expenses throughout a student’s time at Newark Academy.

Newark Academy remains proud of its ties to Newark and seeks to provide talented students from its namesake city with a Newark Academy education. Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor, NA established its Newark Scholars Program in 2012 to provide full scholarships for up to six students each year who live in or attend school in Newark.

This signature scholarship program supports the full cost of tuition and other school-related expenses throughout a student’s time at Newark Academy.

Since its inception, 18 students have been part of the Newark Scholars program, and the past graduates have attended highly competitive colleges. These alumni are now pursuing careers in marketing, interior design, wealth management and even professional sports.

“When I look at my career and attempt to explain my success, some of it can be attributed to my hard work and discipline. Yet it is not lost on me that exposure and opportunity are life-altering privileges, and as a Newark Scholar, I had both of these at NA.”

Jocelyn Willoughby ’16, Former Newark Scholar & Current WNBA Player

Gifts under $250,000 in any amount to Newark Academy’s unrestricted financial aid endowment are welcome.

Sustainable, Student-Centered Spaces

Building for Community

As the world evolves, Newark Academy’s campus and classrooms must evolve with it. In order to successfully facilitate student-centered teaching, Newark Academy’s facilities need to be continually modernized and purposeful. The plan for student-centered spaces prioritizes collaboration and the creation of the best environment to enjoy the community. This campaign aims to enhance select areas of campus, ensuring that they are sustainable, accessible and geared towards our students’ needs.

“Everyone wants to teach and learn in the new [Petrello Upper School Academic Center] wing. If the spaces my students and I so enjoy were to become the standard for all other classroom design, Newark Academy would be taking a very big step towards achieving a level of excellence that would be tough for any other independent school to match.”

— Von Rollenhagen, Upper School English Faculty

To support our plans for student-centered spaces, we offer two options for giving to our facilities, with naming opportunities starting at $250,000.

Many facilities at Newark Academy date back to the Livingston campus’s opening in 1964. At that time, facilities such as the Dining Room were constructed to support a student body size of 285. Today, a similar space accommodates a student body size of 667. With your help, we can transform our legacy spaces into dynamic and modern facilities.

  • Expand the existing 6,300 square feet by over 30% to establish a state-of-the-art dining commons
  • Incorporate design elements and furniture that deliver a flexible space for community-building events
  • Add professional-grade, energy-efficient kitchen appliances and significantly enlarge food preparation and service operation spaces
  • Enhance 18 classrooms to an aesthetic that inspires creativity, innovation and collaboration
  • Upgrade technology to prepare 21st century learners and responsible digital citizens
  • Assure that renovations provide a cohesive look and feel to the campus
  • Continue renovation of facilities that support NA’s historic excellence in boys’ and girls’ tennis
  • Incorporate comfortable seating and effective lighting for athletes, parents and spectators to support Minutemen tennis
  • Upgrade digital resources to promote interactive learning through virtual reality simulators and digital textbooks
  • Promote advanced student research and responsible digital citizenship
  • Redesign layout with new furniture and adaptable spaces for collaboration
  • Dedicate office space for technology staff and technology hub

As we address future facilities projects, we intend to prioritize sustainable solutions. This includes:

  • Installing electric vehicle charging stations with capabilities for expansion
  • Replacing existing roof systems to meet current energy code standards and executing the installation of solar panels
  • Replacing existing fluorescent lighting throughout the building with new LED lighting to meet current energy code requirements
  • Integrating sustainable practices and education into the Middle and Upper School curricula
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