Ad Lumen:
The Campaign for Newark Academy

Grounded in History,
Looking to the Future
Campaign Priorities


In response to the challenges ahead of us, we have embarked on Ad Lumen: The Campaign for Newark Academy. With your generous support, this $30 million campaign will strengthen the three pillars of a Newark Academy education.
Attract & Retain Excellent Faculty and Staff
Newark Academy’s pioneering tradition rests squarely on the shoulders of our exceptionally creative faculty and staff. It is through their intellectual horsepower, dedication, and care that students succeed and Newark Academy thrives. To sustain our talented faculty and staff, this campaign will boost compensation and benefits for professionals at all stages of their careers so they can afford to move here, teach here, live near our Livingston campus — and stay for a long and rewarding career.
A Talented, Diverse Student Body
Newark Academy’s students, classes and programs represent and celebrate a diversity of experiences, backgrounds and perspectives. Newark Academy is committed to go beyond diversity in race and ethnicity to achieve greater socioeconomic diversity as well. To attract and retain the most talented students from all groups, this campaign will build our endowment for financial aid. By growing endowed funds, we can strengthen Newark Academy’s ability to prioritiz e diversity in a sustainable way.
Sustainable, Student-Centered Spaces
Every generation of Newark Academy students has benefited from our extraordinary sense of community. Today, that community is more mission-critical than ever, as students prepare for a world where collaboration has become vital for success. his campaign will invest in select areas of campus to create sustainable student-centered, community-minded spaces.
Celebrating 250 Years
In honor of Newark Academy’s 250th anniversary, we look back on the extraordinary visionaries who laid the foundation for an institution that would endure and flourish throughout its history.
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Campaign Goal: $30 Million
Campaign progress
Campaign progress
Our History
Since its founding in 1774, Newark Academy has occupied five different locations, overcome difficult challenges and flourished as a leader in independent school education. During its 250th anniversary year, we invite you to learn more about Newark Academy’s past through the following visual historical timeline.
Our History